Facial Aesthetics

Free Facial Aesthetic Consolation and 10% off treatment every TuesdayFree Facial Aesthetic Consolation and 10% off treatment every Tuesday

Facial Aesthetics

As we get older, our skin starts to show signs of ageing. It’s an inevitable part of life and can be quite the knock-in confidence when you start to notice deep lines appear around your upper face, outer corners of your eyes and mouth. These wrinkles arise as a result of your skin losing collagen and elastin, the key components in the chemical make-up of your skin that are responsible for its volume and elasticity.

Our qualified clinicians have a range of facial aesthetic treatments that can help combat these wrinkles. Whether you wish to smooth away noticeable lines that appear when you laugh, frown or smile, or those stubborn lines that are always on view, we can offer treatments that will help soften and eliminate these.

Facial Aesthetics – Example Before & After

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Before and After teeth whitening and gummy smile treatment

Why visit your dental practice for facial aesthetics?

Our clinicians are experts in facial anatomy and are medically trained, not just teeth and gums. They have high standards of care, have carried out extensive training in the field and are fully qualified to offer these bespoke services. Expertly placed to deal with any complications to provide safe and quality care.

Facial aesthetic consultations

Everyone has a different skin type so we offer facial aesthetic consultations where we can talk through which treatments would deliver the best results for your skin. These consultations are ideal opportunities for us to come up with a treatment plan that will work best.
To arrange a consultation, simply get in touch.

What treatments are available?

Dermal Fillers

Using dermal fillers, we can replenish lost volume and smoothen noticeable lines. Fillers work through stimulating cellular reproduction and giving skin a new lease of life.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Our qualified facial aesthetics clinician can prescribe anti-wrinkle injections. This treatment targets muscles under the skin to stop wrinkles and lines that appear through muscle movement in the face. Results can be seen up to 2 weeks after administration of treatment. With anti wrinkle treatment as with most things in life prevention is better then cure. If however lines are already present these can be reduced with natural results. The effect of your treatment will fade over time and will need to be re-administered at specific intervals for individuals to help you to uphold the smoother appearance.

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