Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Specialised surgical care

Oral and maxillofacial surgery refers to any medical procedure affecting the mouth, teeth, gums, face and neck. It can be simple or more complex, and we are proud to have a highly experienced specialist Oral Surgeon carrying out all maxillofacial and jaw related surgeries at Hitchin Dental Care.

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Our Specialist

Mr Khemanand Maharaj

Mr Khemanand Maharaj is a highly trained and exceptionally experienced oral surgeon. He acquired Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (MRCSEd) in 2014 and has a Master of Science with Distinctions (MSc Dist.) in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. In 2022, Mr Maharaj completed his Fellowship at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (FRCSEd OMFS), after five years of training and study. He is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest advances in the field and is a member of a number of related dental associations.

Oral surgical procedures at Hitchin Dental Care

Tooth extraction

A surgical tooth extraction is needed in more complex cases, where the tooth is particularly large, broken or embedded in the gum. A small incision is made in your gum to allow the problem tooth to be removed safely and successfully. We can also use this technique to extract wisdom teeth that have become impacted and are causing issues.

Jaw-related problems

Jaw problems can cause pain and discomfort, lead to difficulty with chewing and eating and cause your facial structure to appear unbalanced. Tailored oral surgery can help with the effects of temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), malocclusion, clenching and grinding of the teeth and trauma. Our specialist can even correct irregularities of the jaw to give dentures a more improved fit.

Detection and treatment of disease

If necessary after your dental check up, a surgical biopsy can be carried out to check for oral cancer. A small sample of the abnormal growth or tissue is removed and tested. If cancer is detected, oral surgery can also be used to treat this.

Advanced techniques and treatment

At Hitchin Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing all our patients with the very best in advanced treatment and service. We’re passionate about including specialist dentistry at our practice, with cutting-edge digital technology and equipment enabling a more detailed approach.

As our specialist in oral surgery, Mr Khemanand Maharaj uses advanced surgical techniques to ensure even complex procedures are performed accurately and successfully. We are happy to discuss your dental issue with you, including options for treatment. Please contact us to find out more.


After trying various clinics in Luton that kept postponing, leaving me on hold or not having an oral surgeon, I finally found the right one. The only dental clinic that performed my tooth extraction immediately. Oral surgeon-Dr. Khem and Dr. Holly rescued me from pain I’ve been carrying for months now. Finally my wisdom tooth was removed and today I had tears of joy. Being my first extraction I was quite nervous but both doctors made me feel at ease and one of them even held my hand!!

Efficiency, speed, professionalism and care. I really think I’ve found my dentist and even if I don’t live in Hitchin it will be worth going back. I absolutely recommend it. 100%

Thank you again, see you soon!


Oral Surgery FAQs

We use local anaesthetic during oral surgery to numb the affected area and minimise your pain. You will likely feel some discomfort, but we do all we can to help you feel at ease before we begin the procedure. After your surgery, you may feel some pain and soreness, but this can be managed with painkillers and will be temporary as you heal.

A specialist oral surgeon is highly trained and experienced in oral surgical procedures, and performs them regularly. They keep up to date with the latest developments in dentistry and use advanced equipment and skills to achieve outstanding results.

Yes! If you are feeling worried or nervous about the prospect of oral surgery, please talk to us. We take a gentle, patient-focused approach, and will do all we can to help you. We are happy to talk you through the procedure in as much or as little detail as you are comfortable with and find ways to help you feel at ease. For particularly nervous patients, we offer intravenous sedation.

If your teeth are broken, impacted or painful, or you have swelling or pain in your gums or facial areas, you will likely need oral surgery. Your dentist will assess your teeth, gums, mouth and face during your regular check up appointments, and will be able to refer you for surgery if necessary.

It is important to take time to rest and recover after oral surgery. We will give you tailored advice on what to do in the days and weeks following your procedure. You may need to take a couple of days off work, depending on your job and the treatment you had, and avoid any strenuous activities. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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