Routine Dentistry

Regular check-ups by the dentist helps to maintain your oral health

The most common reason to visit the dentist is for a routine check-up. We recommend that you see a dentist at least every six months. However, if your teeth are in great condition, we may ask to see you every 12 months.

A routine check-up will take about 15-20 minutes. We will assess your teeth, gums, jaw, cheeks and tongue, as all parts of your mouth contribute to your oral health and also your overall health. We will check for signs of mouth cancer as well as systemic diseases which may present with changes in the mouth. If necessary, we may take some x-rays.

We will ask if you’ve had any problems since your last visit so you can raise any concerns you might have. We will also ask about any medication that is prescribed by your GP and any hospital visits, as this may affect the treatment we provide for you. To help you keep your teeth in tip-top condition at home, we will advise the best cleaning techniques and share tips on diet, alcohol and tobacco consumption.

If we find anything that requires treatment, we will devise a treatment plan that includes the best course of action and expected costs.

Joining one of our Healthy Mouth Plans will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy, whilst allowing you to spread the cost.

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