Keeping your mouth healthy with good oral hygiene

A great dental hygiene regime at home is only the first line of defense against gum disease and teeth decay. Some areas in your mouth are impossible to reach even with interdental cleaning. Hygienists can reach these areas, providing a thorough clean as well as checking for any signs of gum disease.

To make this even easier, you can now book a silver or gold hygiene appointment directly with our hygienists, without having a referral from your dentist. Book your appointment today.

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What is gum disease?

Sugary foods in our diets lead to plaque build-ups on our teeth. While these can be removed with brushing, sometimes plaque can be missed. These areas of plaque and tartar are ideal environments for bacteria. Where bacteria is present on the enamel, the surrounding gum tissue reacts and so becoming inflamed. This stage is called gingivitis and is treatable through cleaning away the plaque and so removing the bacteria.

Gum disease is an issue because the symptoms are easy to miss and if it is left untreated, it progresses to a more destructive condition – periodontitis. Unlike the first stage of gum disease, periodontitis isn’t curable. However, it can be managed through regular appointments with a hygienist or a periodontist.

How can we prevent gum disease?

With gum disease, prevention is the best cure. While the symptoms are hard to spot, your hygienist will be able to chart any signs of the disease and set out a treatment plan depending on the severity of the condition.

We use a Prophy-Jet® system which uses a spray of air, water and a fine powder. This simultaneously scales away plaque and tartar from the tooth enamel and polishes the surface. It is a much less invasive treatment than drilling. It removes the deposits of bacteria in gaps between teeth and around the gum line.

If you have any problems with loose teeth, bleeding gums, poor plaque control, periodontal disease, infection or recessive gums, you´ll be referred to one of our Periodontists.
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What does a hygiene appointment at Hitchin involve?

Our hygienists will offer best advice on maintaining a good oral hygiene regime at home, with techniques on brushing and flossing and on the best products for you to use.

As oral hygiene is so important to maintaining a healthy smile, you can book a hygiene appointment directly without needing to be referred first.

We have three bands of hygiene treatment. They are:

Bronze: £61.00

  • Includes a basic clean and scale to remove light tartar
  • The appointment lasts up to 30 minutes

Silver: £91.00

  • Designed to remove heavier deposits of tartar as well as includes a clean and polish.
  • The appointment lasts up to 45 minutes

Gold: £122.00

Please call the practice to book for this appointment

  • Includes a full clean, scale and polish with stain removal using state of the art system Prophyjet
  • The appointment lasts for up to 1 hour

Joining one of hour Healthy Mouth Plans will help you spread the cost of your routine treatments as well as other discounts and emergency dental cover.

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