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Specialist Gum Health Centre comes to Hitchin

5th March 2017

Gum disease the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

Do you have painful gums? Notice blood when you spit after brushing your teeth? Hate to admit it, but bad breath is becoming a problem? These can all be signs of gum disease.

With an estimated 50 per cent of UK adults affected, we wanted to find out more about this common dental problem which can affect general health too.

At Hitchin Dental Care a dedicated team is fighting gum disease with the latest treatments and free seminars so people can learn more and speak to a specialist. Dr Dhru Shah, specialist periodontist and expert in gum health at Hitchin Dental Care explains: “Many people may not even know they have gum or periodontaldisease, until suddenly their teeth start moving, become loose or they develop a gum infection.

“The good news is that it can be treated, stopped and even reversed if caught early, but you need to know the symptoms. The very best way to keep it at bay is to visit a hygienist regularly.”

Read more about Oral Hygiene & Gum Treatments ». Or to download the full article click here ».

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